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Niimura Shinya
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29th-Jul-2011 01:29 pm - Changing LJ...
Pink Tea
I don't honestly think that someone actually cares, but.. I am seriously thinking about getting a new LJ account.

Why? Simply because I am tired of this one. I am waiting to get a new layout.. And to see if the name I am thinking of is taken.
18th-Nov-2010 10:55 pm - Of rats, food and World War 3..
Pink Tea
I have pet rats. 14 of them. 10 males, separated in 3 gangs, who live in 3 separate cages, and 4 adorable little females who live together in a cage of their own. Why so many rats ? Let me explain.

Back in January/February 2010, I arranged myself with a couple of friends who wanted pet rats of their own. But not the average pet rats. Home bred rats. I didn't had any in stock, but I proposed them to find a little female when I would move back in the country, and I could breed her with one of my boys. They would have kept a few babies, I would have kept one, then we would give the rest away to new families. We decided to try and find blue rats, since those are pretty rare and are of a really cool color. So I moved back and I began to search for blue rats. As predicted, they were really hard to find, but I did managed to find a little female and a little male.

I mated them. It was really cool, sunshine and puppies and rainbows. She give birth. To 13 babies. Oops. All of them lived. When they were weaned, I called my overexcited friends, who came to get their own little rats. I then put an advertisement in the paper, saying I had really cute little blue rats to give away, blablabla. Out of 13 babies, 10 were male, 3 were females. I decided to keep the females. I wanted to keep only one male. But besides my friends who took 2 rats, only 3 more were adopted, leaving 5 with me. I repeated my announcement in the paper, with no luck. I then decided to keep them, as I couldn't bring myself to kill them.l.. After all, I saw them come to this world one morning of May... I had planned to separate them between the two cages I owned then, but... as the babies grew up, my older rats started to become quite hostile with them... Fights would happen whenever I took the 10 males out... So I started to search for a cage where I could house the 5 brothers together. I did found the cage, with much difficulties. And here I am now, with 10 adult rats, who keep recreating WW2 each night when I take them out to play. On top of that.. I do have to feed those rats.... I had found the perfect food for them : Oxbow's Regal Rat. 40 lb format bag. Wow !! However... this food is totally un-foundable here in my hometown. I have to buy them in another big town, and shipping costs are waaaay to high. So recently, someone in my family had business to do in this town, and I said 'Cool ! Can you pick up a food bag for me, I'll call to ask them to prepare it' and he said yes. I called. They told me the food would be available on Thursday morning. Today. I was jumping everywhere in the house, as I wouldn't have to buy food every week anymore.

All ends well, you'll say ? Of course not !!! I must have a very, very bad karma.. Because this morning when I got up, I saw there was a message on the phone... It was the food supplier.... He was calling me to let me know that, finally, there was no 40 lbs bag available for me, that he THOUGHT there was some, but there is none, and there was none that arrived with the weekly delivery... And that he was VERY SORRY... and that was it. Let me tell you that... I was not a happy camper. I was... PISSED OFF... 'Very sorry' doesn't feed 14 ravenous rats. So here I am, back where I started. Stuck to buy bad quality food for those rats, because this miracle food is totally unheard of here. Even my veterinary clinic never heard about it. And it IS the best rat food existing. *Sigh* I guess I'll have to wait until February, when my cousin goes back to the city.... In hope that this time, they WILL have what I need.

So, that was my rant. Next time.. I seriously hope it'll be something positive...

<:3( )~~~
9th-May-2010 12:13 am - The story repeats itself...
Pink Tea
....Some people might remember how I talked about my ex room mates in the student residences, back in 2008 - 2009.... Well... *Sigh* The story repeats itself. Imbecile people, over and over again.

Since October 2009, I was staying together in an apartment with a friend. I got some appliances. An oven and a clothes dryer. I installed them snuggly in their respective place and everything was okay. However, I had to move out of there in March 2010.... Out of town. I couldn't bring my appilances with me, obviously. So I made a deal with my room mate : I would leave them there so he could use them, but I would recuperate them when I would move back in town.

Today, I was talking with him... And he told me... "Oh, by the way... I got my own appliances now, and I made a deal with the owner to keep your appliances in the apartment next door, until the end of May." That means I have to go there to get those appliances... I have NO room at home to put them, and, on top of that, I was going to move back in town in September to go to school. How fun is that ?! Somehow, I really want to smack him around the head a few times to get some brains into that empty head of his. Fucking egocentric guy. Only thinking about himself. It's a huge trouble for her to come and get the things ? Bah, no problem. I got my own appliances now !! It doesn,t concern me ! *Stuffs the oven AND the clothes drier up his ass*

A thing is sure : When I move back in town.... I AM MOVING ON MY OWN ! NO ROOM MATES !!!! NEVER AGAIN !!!!!
20th-Sep-2009 10:57 pm - Bah....
Pink Tea
Why is it so hard to find people, serious people, to roleplay with ? Not that I want to complain or anything, but in the past few months, I've been searching for good roleplay partners and friends..... And boy... Each time, it's been nearly a disaster.

And just now.. I posted about roleplay partner search on a community.... And all I get, despite me warning people NOT to spam my post with un-related roleplay answers... were un-related roleplay answers. *Sigh*

Is still there good roleplayers around ?!? If yes... Where are you, people ?

*Sighs and sadly shakes head*
Pink Tea
I think I'm going to get mad before the end of the semester. I was away from the residences for nearly a month. I had cleaned the place up before going. And what do I find when I get back ?? The room mate who was supposed to go away is still there, AND.... He totally TRASHED the place. The bathroom is so disgusting, I get nauseous at the only THOUGHT of sitting down on the toilet seat. 90% of the time, there's like, water all over the seat (at least I fucking HOPE it's water !!), which haven't been wiped off. And I don't even MENTION the floor. It's BLACK. Covered with dirt, filth and dirty melted snow mixed with sand from outside. Because of course, Mister Slob doesn't remove his shoes to go to the bathroom. And we all know what condensation is. Someone uses the shower, condensation forms, and when that same someone steps on the wet floor with dirty shoes.... It totally trashes the floor. And the others who lives with Mr. Slob have to walk on that floor in order to go into the bathroom. How can someone be so filthy ?? And I don't even talk about the smell. Urgh. I think I mentioned it a few weeks ago... But now I swear it's worse !!!!

So earlier, I got fed up with the dirty floor, so I picked up the neccessary stuff to clean it (Of course there's cleaning stuff here... It's in the middle of the kitchen.. One would think he saw it yet !!! But no.) and when I reached the fridge's corner... I saw something that broke my heart. I had these little glass mice magnets for the fridge... One white and one black. I looked down... And there was my little black mouse... Laying on the floor, tail broken. Mr. Slob... Opened the freezer's door... too hard, as usual... And flying down went my mousie. And crash it did on the filthy floor. And he doesn't even notice it. *Sigh* I'm seriously thinking about getting a studio. I'm sick of this. Really.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go curl up on my bed and cry of despair. No, I'm not emo. I'm just fed up with all this dirty shit. Really fed up.
28th-Dec-2008 12:18 pm - ICE !!!
Pink Tea

It rained last night... RAINED. In December. Of course, for a lot of people, it's normal, because they live south. I live up north. We get a LOT of snow in winter. And yet last night it rained. Result ? This morning, there's at least 2 inches of solid ice covering everything. It's something to see. On the trees, it looks like beautiful crystal. But it's very dangerous... Electric lines can fall down due to the weight. And of course, that's not speaking of the state of the roads... Wet, ice and melted snow... VERY dangerous...

Can someone send me a one way ticket to a place where there's never one grain of snow ? ^^;
18th-Dec-2008 01:04 pm - New layout !!
Pink Tea
Uwah !!!

I LOVE that layout !!!!! Thanks to natsu_visual !

*Offers cookies and Butterflies to her* ^^

On the news side.. I'm now in my home town, buried in snow and deprived of effective subway and bus service... ;_; But.. I'm with my family so it'll be okay. But yeah. I wouldn't want to come back here permanently for sure....

*Goes to the groceries market to get stuff to cook for the next two weeks* ^^;;
Pink Tea
Bah. It started to snow. And the cold started as well. Sure, it's cute at the beginning but.. After three months of snow, of cold and all... People (especially me) start to get tired of it and just want it to melt away.

I guess that's why I feel down and bad since a few days.... *Sighs* I need a hug. (And a boyfriend)
8th-Dec-2008 11:32 pm - The best gift EVER.
Pink Tea
My room mate... Just gave me the best gift EVER. He just told me that he's leaving the appartment in 3 weeks. ALLELUIA !!!!!! After he got the NERVES of telling me that ever since he came to stay here one month ago, he never saw the bathroom cleaned. Never. Which isn't true. Cause I did cleaned it. It's always been me. Only me. Instead of doing it himself... He's letting me do all the work. Damn I hate him. I hope my next room mates (if I have some) will be less disgusting than that.

Pink Tea
Urgh. To the people who told me that living in universities residences would be wonderful... YOU WERE SO WRONG !!! >.<

It all started when my third room mate came in to live with us... (I live in a 3 rooms appartment) The man is filthy, smelly, unrespectful.... And last week, he brought in a guest. It's not forbidden to have these over for like, a weekend.. But... heh. The guest is still there and it's been a full week... And I swear, he's even more smelly than my 'real' room mate... They constantly hog the bathroom, taking 30 - 40 minutes showers.. And when they leave the bathroom, the place is so filthy and wet, it's disgusting.. And who's going to clean up ?! Me, of course.... Cause they're not even bothered to do it themselves. I went to complain about it at the front desk and they said that they would give an advice to the unwanted guest. They did. But guess what ? HE'S STILL THERE !

I just came back from doing a request downstairs.. The heating is broken in my room and it's getting colder and colder each day... (Lovely winter..) And the guy downstairs asked me if the unwanted guest was gone and I said no... 'I didn't saw him, but I smelled him..' And he said 'Ha ? Cause we sent him a warning yesterday... Anyway, if you see him again, come back and tell us, we'll deal with it.' So I nodded and went back up on my nice 3rd floor (Which smells like garbage cause the boxes were overloaded for a full week.. no kidding) and guess who I see coming out of room 306 ??? The 'nice' unwanted guest !! So I didn't bother taking the elevator.. I went down by the fire escape, went back over the front desk and told them. Hopefully, this will put my 'real' room mate in loads of troubles and he'll be expulsed... Ah... A girl can dream, ne ?

*Takes a deep breath now that the steam have been released some*
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