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Niimura Shinya
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Okay. Yeah. That's me. There's not much to say about me. I'm a Jrock and yaoi fangirl. I love Japan and I hope to go there some day.

I'm studying both Chinese and Japanese at University and I love it to pieces.

I don't expect people to actually read what I'll eventually write in this journal, but if you do, please...

- Be respectful. Those will be my opinions and such. I don't expect you to agree to everything I say, but I expect you to be respectful about them.

- Don't bash my favorite bands/pairings. I won't bash yours either.

More stuff will eventually be added, roleplay-wise. Yeah, I'm a roleplay addict.

*Offers cookies, Butterflies, pet rats and scorpions*

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